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Pediatric Care
Dr. Hood will spend quality time with your children to make sure they are comfortable before working with them. She will put together a plan that best fits their health needs. She will work with you to treat the cause of any health problems (Ear infections, Colic, Constipation, Allergies, Wellness, Bed wetting  etc.)

Prenatal Care
While you are expecting your precious baby, sometimes aches and pains inhibit the lifestyle and comfort you want. Dr. Hood has extensive experience in caring for pregnant Moms.

Family Care
Bring the whole family, Dr. Hood has many families that she treats as part of their preventative and wellness care.

Sports Injuries
Having been a 3 sport athlete, Dr. Hood is familiar with many types of sports injuries.  She works to enhance sports performance both during season and off season.

Auto Accident/Workers Compensation
We work with auto insurance or personal injury attorneys to help restore you back to full function post-injury.


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