Monday- 8:00-6:30, Tuesday -Closed, Wednesday -8:00-6:30, Thursday -Closed, Friday- 8:00-5:00, Saturday-8:00-9:45am


  1. Consultation -discussion of health concerns
  2. Functional assessment - Physical exam to discover any special issues.
  3. Nutritional counseling - Dr Hood will do a specific weight and measurement consult, then discuss healthy eating choices, and potential weight loss programs. The Dr. will monitor your progress closely the first 2 weeks and then monthly once you are on a healthy eating schedule
  4. Chiropractic Manipulation - Personalized adjustment program
  5. Cryotherapy - Cold packs used to reduce swelling for acute injuries
  6. Ultrasound - deep heat therapy, used for acute pain or chronic pain
  7. Electrotherapeutic modalities - Used for muscle relaxation, and /or swelling reduction
  8. Myofascial Release - trigger point release, muscle spasm relief, headache release
  9. Manual traction for Cervical herniation using long traction
  10. Neuromuscular re-education - retrain muscles to work properly via specific exercises.
  11. Therapeutic exercise - Stretching and strengthening exercises first practice under the instruction of a doctor then continue with at home personalized exercise program.
  12. Massage Therapy - available on site


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