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Dr. Hood will meet with you first in a consultation about your thoughts and concerns. She will perform a physical exam and will refer out for x-rays if deemed necessary. Treatment will be provided on 1st day if no outside imaging is warranted.

Each person responds differently to care. Once your body begins to maintain the adjustments, Dr. Hood will develop a wellness program for you.

We accept most health insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid/Forward Health(T19). We will verify your personal chiropractic benefits before your second visit so that there are no surprise expenses.

Mission Statement
Chiropractic Care Center of Wauwatosa aspires to alleviate pain through holistic healing, to cultivate knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, to enrich the human mind, body and spirit, and to offer the very best and affordable chiropractic care.

Our purpose is to offer quality service to each patient as a unique individual meeting their specific health needs and wants. We provide care in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where you are treated as an individual and as part of our Chiropractic family.

Chiropractic care offers a non-surgical, non-invasive and drug-less method of treatment that is safe and effective for all ages and many types of injuries or problems. Each patient is treated using a customized plan that meets their wellness goals. Whether those goals are to be pain free or have better flexibility and mobility for day to day life.

Individualized treatment plan consists of Chiropractic treatment, muscle balancing, exercise programs, stretching programs and nutritional counseling. We provide exceptional patient care and strive for renewing and maintaining your health, so that you might live the longest, healthiest and most active lifestyle possible.


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